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Written by CriCri Monday, 05 June 2006 18:30

Bump maps are a graphic effects over textures. This need a graphic video card that support antialiasing. Sometimes in the game, even if the video card support this option, bump maps are disabled. In this page we will show you how to turn on this setting and improve your graphic quality in The Sims 2.



This tutorial was made thanks to the english post made by Semloh at ModtheSims. With this post I have learn some things about bump maps.


This tutorial proposal is to understand if you see bump maps and to try of force them.

Download the file'BumpMapTest.rar' and extract it in the 'Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads' directory. Then open CAS in the game or bodyshop.

The first thing you must do is setting the game option, with the proposal to increase your graphics detail. The follow are the settings of my computer. For better quality of detail you need more RAM to elaborate images, so your game after an increase of detail could run slower. Monitor Dimension and Refresh time depends on your monitor. This is the setting for my monitor that has a refresh time of 4ms and large dimensione. The most of the monitors support 1024x768 dimension and 60 of refresh. Reflexes and shadows slow down the game. Texture detail and "Smussa contorni" need to see the bump maps.

Game Detail

After tell that, create an adult woman and select the new Shirt called "Bump Map Tester".

If your sim appear as 'immagine 1 you aren't lucky. you need to modify the Graphics Rules.sgr file or change your graphics video card... your system don't visualize bump maps.

If your sim seams to be as in immagine 2 you already see the bump maps, so you have just finish with this tutorial.

Now we will make some difficult setting. Read but don't follow this tutorial if you don't know what you're making. Remember to make a backup file copy, so you can replace the file if something goes wrong.


1) Open the 'Graphic Rules.sgr' file with Windows Note Pad. You can find the file on 'Programs\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Config' directory, or in a different path if you have installed the game on another directory.

2) In the Note Pad menu' select Modify--> Find.

3) In the 'Find what?' box type (without the quotes) "useshaders"

4) Now you can see the following lines...

# disable shaders by default for NV3x generation, only enable for high end cards
if ($maxVertexProgramVersionHWMajor = 2)
boolProp useShaders false

5) Change 'boolProp useShaders false' into 'boolProp useShaders true'

6) Bring up the 'Find' window again (if you closed it) and this time type (without quotes) "vertexdata"

7) Now you see

# since we don't do bumpmapping on less ps2.0-capable hardware, eliminate tangents
# from the vertex data
# also, the presence of per-vertex tangents in the vertex data stream causes
# "exploded" polygons on the Radeon 9000, even if the data is ignored by the shader
if ($maxPixelProgramVersionMajor < 2)
boolProp skipTangentsInVertexData true

8) Change 'boolProp skipTangentsInVertexData true' into 'boolProp skipTangentsInVertexData false'

9) Now Save and close the file.

If you have installed some expansion pack you must repeat all for the expansion directory too. For example the file in the 'Programmi\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 University\TSData\Res\Config' and 'Programmi\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Nightlife\TSData\Res\Config' directory.

The changes we have just done enable the bump maps for all graphics card, but now we must change the config file for Bodyshop too. You can find this file in the 'CSConfig' directory and repeat all.

a) Open 'Graphic Rules.sgr' file by using Windows Notepad. You can find it in 'Programmi\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\CSConfig' directory.

b) Follow the operations from 2 to 9

Now, try to open the game or bodyshop and control how you see the Bump Maps Test Shirt.

Remember that this changes force Sims2 and bodyshop to see bump map... for graphics card that not support this too...

If your graphics video card doesn't support bump map when you load the game you can receive an error as this:

"the system could not find a DirectX9.0 supported graphics card and the application will close"

If it happenened, you must repeat reverse passage from 2 to 9, or replace backup copy file.

If you don't see the bump maps yet, you can try another setting...
You can create or modify your Startup config file that contains the cheats to esecute at startup. You must insert this cheat:
boolProp useShaders true
boolProp bumpMapping true

If you haven't yet a startup config file, you can download this and copy it in the Documents\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\Config directory

Download Startup Config Cheats file

The result is not guarantee, it depends only by your graphics card. Not accuse Sims2Cri for damage and be sure to create a backup copy file before make these changes.

If you have question about it please ask here
(the forum appear only in italian but I reply in english too)

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