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Bodyshop Cheat PDF Print
Written by CriCri

Some tricks to a better use of The Sims Bodyshop, the built-in tool of The Sims 2 to create sims and some other stuff....

Code Meaning Example
F3 Angle of view –Press the F3 key together with right mouse's button to change the angle of view and perspective- Sfondo personalizzato
F5 Custom background –Press F5 key to change the background and load your custom one. To customize the background you need an image in  .bmp file type with a 1024x768px resolution, and you should place it under C:\Documents and Setting\UserNamePC\My Documents\EAGAMES\The Sims 2\ with the name  userBkg.bmp Sfondo personalizzato
F6 Change sim pose (this is applied until next sim edit - for example edit clothes, hair and so - Sfondo personalizzato
F7 Zoom out –Full body view- Sfondo personalizzato
F8 Zoom in –Face view- Sfondo personalizzato
F9 Only sim - if you press F9 key you can hide the bodyshop interface/panel and view only the sim
Sfondo personalizzato